Celebrating Recovery

In January I had a recurrence of my sciatica. It was a miserable time, the pain and lack of mobility can be really disheartening, especially now when we are still looking for normalcy to come back into our lives.

After about 3 weeks of suffering I was able to get treatment and the entered physical therapy. The walks Gretel and I took in the mornings were very short compared to our normal 4 1/2 miles. We had gotten up to about 2 and a half miles but it was just on city blocks. Then about 2 weeks ago my physical therapist we could increase it to just over three and start going back down to the river.

That actually went pretty well, it was a little had the first couple of days but got easier quickly. So the next week she let us increase it back to normal. Gretel is definitely when we get to do are longer morning walks. Last week she told me we could try hiking again but not to get crazy, I still have weakness in my right leg and it can be a little unstable. Well today we walked across the George Washington Bridge and into New Jersey and the palisades.

Getting across the bridge and into the palisades went well but then we took the steps down the cliff to the river. That was hard. When we got to the bottom my legs were a little shaky but no pain so we continued on. We walked along the river until we got to the first spot where we could go back up to the top again. The accent was easier then the decent. The cliffs in the the palisades are a little over 300 feet in elevation.

Well Gretel and I did 8.9 miles this morning. It was not easy but it was so good. Gretel is real happy about it. So here is hoping to get out to more challenging hikes soon.

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