Yay! We got to go hiking today

Since the New York declared a State of Emergency because of the pandemic we have not been out hiking. With parks and trails closed and parking limit restrictions you just never knew if you were going to be able to hike once you got there.

Now though, in New York, most parks and trails are open and I thought maybe on a Tuesday I wouldn’t find that many people out and about. I was right we saw no one else while we were on the trail today.

We did the Pine Meadow Lake Loop in Harriman State Park. It was only 5.8 miles with about 1,100 feet of elevation gain, a trail that is rated as moderate. Gretel and I had a great time though and it was certainly good for the mind and body. What a beautiful day as well it was 40 degrees when we started and 57 when we ended.

As long as I’m not working I think we are going to get out a lot more.


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