Spring 18 Cairn Obsidian Box

Cairn also does Obsidian Boxes. They are quarterly boxes that correspond to the seasons. I got my spring box at the end of May (because I didn’t subscribe until the middle of May). These are even more fun because they come with higher end items.

First in this box was the Gregory Salvo 24 Backpack. It’s a 24 litter day pack. I use it every day the week I was hiking in Aspen. It is very comfortable and the ventilation is great. It held my 3 litter reservoir and every thing else I need for me and Gretel on our hikes.

Craft Mind SS Wicking Tee. This t-shirt is light and soft. I wore this on one of our hikes in Aspen. It did a great job of keeping me cool and dry while hiking and it dried very quickly.

1 pair of Smartwool PhD Outdoor Socks and 1 pair of Smartwool Classic Light Hike Socks These I have not tried yet.

Gobi Gear SegSac Compress. This thing is great, It has 4 sections so you can keep the things you packing separated. I used this to pack for my trip to Aspen using it to keep socks, tees and underwear separated. This is going to be great for multi-day backpacking trips.

Hydroflask 32 oz. Wide Mouth Bottle. An other item I took to Aspen with me. It is to heavy and bulky to carry on the hikes. I used it to hold electrolytes and left it in the car for when I was done. It kept it cold and refreshing. I was inspired to buy a Hydroflask tumbler and I will be making other Hydroflask purchases.

Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight and Watertight .7. This was not a new product to me, I always carry one when hiking. Fortunately, I have never need to use it.

Heather’s Choice Packaroons. Got 4 packages of these in different flavors and each package has 2 cookies. I also used these while hiking in Aspen. One thing I appreciated about them is they are not to sweet. They are also very satisfying and give you a nice boost while on the trail. They are also tasty.

I also got a bonus with this box, a Grand Trunk Abrigo Rainfly and Shelter. I have not had the opportunity to use it.

You can subscribe to the Cairn Obsidian Box at getcairn.com

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