Cairn Box 2 (May 18)

These are fun, I really like discovering new things that come in the box.

So this month let’s start with the LifeStraw Universal. It comes with 2 lids for different size bottle openings. The filter is good for 1000 gallons. This is most likely not something I will use often but it’s really cool.

Next was Bee’s Wrap. It came with 2 sizes large and small. It is a reusable food rap coated in bee’s wax. This is defiantly not my kind of thing but I have a friend who loves them so I gave them to her. She’s happy.

Then there was the Gomacro Macrobar. I love getting energy bars and I always use them on m next hike after I get them. This one was really tasty.

You can subscribe to Cairn Box at

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