Southern End Norvin Green


Have you noticed how many of the pictures I take of Gretel she is on rocks? She loves to climb on rocks. She will also go out of her way to see a waterfall, and she love to get to high points and take in the view.

I liked the trail we did today. I’m sure we will do it again when the world comes back to life so that it is green.

The trail was rated as moderate and that was accurate. There were a lot of water crossings some required rock hopping and some were log walking. Gretel is getting good at walking on logs. If the streams aren’t to deep she just runs right through. Today though I had to help her a few times.

The only thing that I didn’t get was the alltrails mapping of this trail. The tail after you get to the High Point goes nowhere. The tail takes you past High Point and down the hill then it just ends. The trail goes on but the mapping stops. My suggestion is to when you get to High Point turn around and go back to the loop, unless you want to climb up to High Point a second time.

Alltrails Log:–4

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