Cairn Box


I got my first Cairn Box yesterday. Cairn is a subscription service for outdoor enthusiasts and they have a monthly and quarterly option (you can do both). With the monthly subscription you get up to 6 products with a value up to $50 (if you want to know what the monthly fee is visit there website The quarterly subscription is more but the value and size of the items reflect that.


These are the items I received a pillow, an energy bar, bug spray, a note pad and a game kit.


The Sierra Designs pillow can be used as is with the insert or with just the cover stuffed with clothes. When I got back from our hike today I took a nap on the couch with it. My conclusion, it’s very comfortable and I’m looking forward using it camping and hiking.


Even though it hasn’t been warm yet we have had a run in with ticks so I was very excited to get the Bug Protector. This is an all natural product so I can use it on Gretel. I sprayed her with it this morning before our hike. It has a very pleasant smell. It is going to take more then one hike to determine its effectiveness so I will keep you updated.


I ate this after our hike today, nice and chewy and good flavor. As a diabetic I am always concerned about sugar, I need carbs but sugar I can do without. The Skratch Labs Cherry and Pistachio bar (the one I received) is very low in sugar so I could eat it without fear. Except for maybe the labs in the name, makes me feel like I’m eating an experiment or maybe I’m the experiment. Anyway I liked it and it satisfied.


Rite in the Rain notebook. I gave this to eve because she is much more likely to use it. The paper feels really cool. If she has any comments I will pass them on.

The Bush Smart Game Kit was a bonus. The kit includes 6 mini dice, mini deck of cards a pencil and notepad. The pad has the rules to the game Man or Moose (also known as Farkle or Ten Thousand. Looks like it could liven up a night around the campfire, I will be sure to pack it when I go.

I will be sure to let you know about the goodies in the next box.

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